Covid does not stop art

"Facetime shootings" are a thing now!

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The cover of next month is black! We are searching for editorials that talks about black communities


History of Art

When the Covid-19 hit, artists had a call. Necessity Is the Mother of Invention, we say. I saw a lot of works in this period. Screenshot photos taken from webcam,…

Artworks by Anna Santinelli

Analogue collages in a fashion mood.

Show me something real

Inspired by the Northern Renaissance art. A story of two estranged kids who are left to their own devices. Children are often amused and fascinated by the most mundane things…

Antique woman

Antique statues – as an eternal example of an ideal body of a female and male. From the classical point of view, this is still the case. And what about…

Soft and wicked

Inspired by the surrealism of the middle ages. A character who is more than just a mortal becomes an immaculate being.

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Luca Miklósi

Luca is an art nude model. She is a professional in her job has worked in many interesting projects


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