I live in italy, specifically in Milan, chief town of Lombardy, one of the most affected area during the Covid-19 crisis. In the first weeks of March the italian governement announced the beginning of lockdown where everybody had to stay at home for weeks having a lot of free time. Here I thought I had … Read more

Trapped in a motel Room with very little to do but playing with towels, pillows and bed sheets.

A Fashion Film About Trauma Your car has been deemed a total loss and every palpitation from here on will bring you back to near death. You always were, and still are, in control. This is our world now. This is Collision.Corker-Brown’s ​Collision collection started with not one, but two car crashes in a three … Read more

Demanding equal pay and equal representation, A SEAT AT THE TABLE unapologetically showcases our Black brothers and sisters and their contributions to the fashion industry

A shadow appears in the presence of the light. It only outlines, and washes out all details and attributes. It simply unites all in one, and acts like one along with the body that it is inextricably connected to. It obscures all when it blends the body with its environment, where it creates a new … Read more

An Afro-american man in an industrial setting, metaphorically depicted as a superhero. A man proud of his roots and ready to take his place in the society, out of any discrimination and prejudice. Fearless.

An honest conversation from an afroitalian woman standpoint.