90s DISASTERS by Michela Locci


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90s DISASTERS by Michela Locci

“In fashion everything comes back and so the 90s with all their good and bad things.
I took inspiration from the street, the window sales and my favourite tv shoes Beverly Hills 90210 and friends. When you breathe fashion all the things that surround you inspire you.​​​​​​​​​​​​​”


Photographer: Michela Locci @michela_brigondina_locci
Art Director: Rosalba Dimonte @salbadimo
Stylist: Luigi Nisi @jolly_gi91
Stylist: Rosalba Dimonte @salbadimo
Models: Natalia Troitskaia, Dana Whitehead
Hair Stylist: Antonio Navoni @antonio_navoni
Make Up: Ottavia testa @ottaviatesta
Photo Assistant: Davide Carlini @davide_carlini

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