Alena Kvardakova (Алена Квардакова)


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Alena Kvardakova ( Алена Квардакова ) is a russian model and dancer

Hi Alena, Where are you from?

I’m from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

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Which is your experience as a model?

At my the first shooting I came as makeup artist for a friend of mine.
The photographer suggested me posing for the camera….and It turned out good pictures! I was invited to the next shot as a model. Photographers love my natural grace. At first, I took part in creative shootings with fabrics or as a ballerina, and then they also invited me to be a model for master classes.
I started acting when my husband asked me. Now most often I participate in creative shooting.

What is your greatest strength, as a model?

I think this is natural and simple. I did a lot of dancing and it is reflected in the movements and posture.

What are your goals?

I do not set big goals in photography, for me this work is a bit of self-realization.

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