An honest conversation from an afroitalian woman standpoint.

“Facetime shootings” are a thing now!

One designer is making face masks positive during the Coronavirus Pandemic

We live in an individualistic era where ego and the idea of self are overly promoted, yet validation comes from without nurturing our narcissistic side.

Attending Milan Fashion Week this year might have been a bit unusual, and surely, reading your favourite fashion news magazine, haven’t reassured you.

An artist turned into hair stylist. Her buzzcuts are outstanding artworks, able to create twisted geometries and balanced colors.

We can’t fail to recognize that fashion set itself as an expression of designers and often overshadows the impact of its works in the name of creativeness. Fashion is above the law. An elite of trendsetters that missed the connection with their muse, the society which kept on loving the trends and their outlooks while … Read more

Every year we buy hundreds of plastic bags and then throw them after one use. Would we ever do the same with the new Balenciaga shopper?

Interview with the duo of Apulian designers who created MARSĒM. Soft lines, geometric shapes, characterize the Made in Italy style of this cool and young brand.

Vibrant, vivid and tropical. A mix of magic and ancestral vibes