When the Covid-19 hit, artists had a call. Necessity Is the Mother of Invention, we say. I saw a lot of works in this period. Screenshot photos taken from webcam, or people in Skype or faceTime shooting the screen. I disliked everything. Yes, we, self-styled artists are bound to this “modus operandi”. But can’t we … Read more

Inspired by the surrealism of the middle ages. A character who is more than just a mortal becomes an immaculate being.

… There’s no lie in her fire.” ― Charles Bukowski Portrait of a young irish artist, just showing intimacy, simplicity and self.

Since COVID19 pandemia many problems have faded into the background but they’ve not disappeared

Inspired by works of Michelangelo

consequences of silence and aggression

Rita is a choreographer from St. Petersburg. In our city, we are used to communicating through creativity.