Chawgan by Martin Tremblay

Chawgan by Martin Tremblay

In a certain actual horizon, the pictures presented are romantically strong. By their triangular composition, the eye goes straight into the clean structure of the photographer’s work. Directly catching these basic elements, the artist is contributing to graphically define a certain space.
From plastic high tech pastel touch to British sport skin, the work is oriented on finding light and coloration as a statement.
These sculpted photographs catches volume, morphology and the concept of the future now.

Suit: Zara, Boots: Vintage, Glass: Vintage
Polo: Ralph Lauren, Boots: Vintage, Pants: Zara, Hat: Troxel Capriole
Polo: Ralph Lauren, Boots: Vintage, Hat: Troxel Capriole Pants: Zara


Photographer: Martin Tremblay
Model: Hugues Bergevin @itshugues
Hair: Yannick Fabregue @i.a.n_coiffeur_barbier
Introduction text: ARUELLE

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