Copia dal Virus


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I live in italy, specifically in Milan, chief town of Lombardy, one of the most affected area during the Covid-19 crisis. In the first weeks of March the italian governement announced the beginning of lockdown where everybody had to stay at home for weeks having a lot of free time. Here I thought I had to take on new challenges approaching self-portarit. I didn’t mean to do something as an end in itself, my intention was to give evidence to a scenario that could have concerned whoever was involved in the same alienating experience. So I decided to get in touch with some of other photographers to propose them my pitch to recreate one of their pictures using the few things available at home. I purposely added a dose of irony to defuse the dramatic situation the entire world was living in that days. The title of the project is “Copia dal Virus” because in italian “Live Copy” is translate in “Copia dal Vivo”; mine is a word game, in which I replaced “Vivo” with “Virus”.


Artist: Damiano Agnes @my_photo_evo

1- Dayana Montesano
2- Michele Maglio
3- Tatiana Minelli
4- Giulia Mantovani
5- Riccardo La Valle
6- Riccardo Torri
7- Chiara Glionna
8- Elena Maggiulli

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