Covid does not stop art


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The pandemic has stuck everybody at home, forcing photographers and media creators to cancel all their gigs. But there are some of them that decided that the quarantine would not stop their creativity.

So they took courage and invented another way to create, another way to express themselves, at demonstration that nothing can stop art.

Thanks to technology photographers could connect with models trough webcams, using popular software like facetime, skype or zoom.

This started a new trend, a way to do photoshoots that maybe could last also in the future. “Facetime shootings” are a thing now!

Also fashion brands made their move during the covid-era, being capable to make new campaigns without photographers.

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But how the heck “facetime shootings” are made? Well it’s simple. Once the set and the styling is prepared, practically photographers start a video call and they direct the model telling how to pose and how to adjust the camera.

After photos are synched with cloud, photographers can start their usual the editing process. Considering that image quality can’t be the same as a professional camera, here the post production can help giving that vintage feel that we all know!

Sydney Claire is a NYC fashion photographer with a unique style. Discover her new editorial. A take on the iconic “Frida” featuring model Alexis Henry. Everything was shot via FaceTime and styled remotely with vintage pieces provided by the model!


Copywriter: Daniele Dentamaro @danphotostudios
Photographer: Sydney Claire @___sydneyclaire
Model, Make Up artist: Alexis Henry
Wardrobe Stylist: Kafui Akakpo @kafuiwashere
Assistant: Nevaeh Jones

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