Date with a Vampiress by Michał Ignar


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Date with a Vampiress by Michał Ignar

I’ve been cooperating as a photographer with Natalia Maria Wojciechowska and her Warsaw Ballet for 3 years. We have had various sessions in different locations, with her solo as well as with other dancers. She’s a very creative and enthusiastic person, her head is always full of ideas, which she perseveres to realize. We managed to land a great location in Warsaw – 19th century Norblin’s Factory just a moment before it was demolished to build there a housing estate and office buildings. On our way to the session Natalia noticed and an incredible, vintage Buick car. We were chasing the car for several traffic lights. Finally we caught up with it. Natalia convinced its owner to come to our session for a modest fee. Łukasz Lewandowski, who appears in this session, is a respected dancer of Warsaw Ballet, whom I also often cooperate with.

Photography became my passion back in the last century, when analogue photography was king, although nobody called it “analogue” then. I’ve always been fascinated with people as the subject of my photos. I take a lot of portraits and street photos, but – if possible – I try to frame a human silhouette in the second ones.


Dancer and concept creator:  Natalia Maria Wojciechowska @natalia.maria.wojciechowska
Dancer: Łukasz Lewandowski from Warsaw Ballet
Photographer: Michał Ignar @ignarphotography
Photographer’s assistant: Mariusz Fiłon @mariuszduzy


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