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My latest shooting “earth(l)ing” took place in Romantsev mountains, a true wonder of nature in Moscow region, as every other guidebook would say. Only nature had little to do with it; steep mountains, turquoise lakes, amazingly even plateaus are nothing but remainders of a gargantuan coal mine, derelict and forgotten like so many grandiose projects of the Soviet era. A wonder for sure, but created, albeit unintentionally, by a human hand. We were fascinated by the concept of false perception: what’s truly natural and what’s artificial? It’s almost impossible to tell now. That’s what the idea of shooting grew from. Is the human body merely an extension of nature? Or is it something akin to the materials and tools we use to bend the ways of nature to our will? Searching for answers we set out on a trip to the mountains taking a bare minimum of props with us. I’m now glad to present you the results of our research.


Photographer: Arina Starykh @arina.starykh
Art direction: Sofia Krivitskaya @mirrorandtherazorblade
Model: Maria Lavrinenko @maria.lavrinenko
Assistant: Andrew Bone @andrew__bone

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