Erika Albonetti


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Erika Albonetti

Erika is Italian, her natural beauty and smile makes her one of the most wanted models by photographers

Hi Erika, where are you from?

Hi guys, I am italian, I live in a small town beetween Bologna and Rimini named Riolo Terme. Of course I travel a lot for work in Italy and Europe but I really love my place and my land.

Why did you start modeling? Do you remember your first photoshoot?

I start modeling in 2014 after the beauty contest of Miss Italia, where I reached the finals in Jesolo. Of course i remember the first shooting leader by a local amateur photographer in a location not far from my town. Sometimes I look at the pictures done that day and even if they are so far from the ones I shoot now I remember them with love. It’s important to improve step by step.

What has been your favorite job so far?

I dont have one in particular. But I think each “first time” is important: the first shooting, the first editorial, the first lookbook, advertising campaign, catwalk etc etc . As I said before I try to improve day by day , and do my best each time I work.

And which is your favourite photographer you worked with?

Ahah I worked with such a lot of talented photographers that if I do a single name, a lot of them could be angry with me!

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When you’re not busy modeling, what are some of your favorite things to do?

I study Fashion at the university , so I have to study since the time is not so much. But of course I love to stay with my boyfriend, my friends, and in the summer I love to stay all the day at the beach, I am lucky that I am not so far from the sea.

Do you like traveling? Which is your favourite place?

Yes i like it a lot. I travel a lot both for work or tourism but I would like to travel more and more in the future. I am in love with NYC , it’s my favourite city. But I love also Lisbon, Amsterdam, Barcelona, London and Paris which is the city I have seen more, about 15 times.

What are your goals for the future?

For the work is to have fun each day I work. I think it’s my secret, I love my work and every day I go on the set with a big smile.

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