Half Jack Half Jill by Dwam Ipomee


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Half Jack Half Jill by Dwam Ipomee

I used to see the queer world as a magical place where we shine in the shadows. Buoyancy against silence. Glittery flashes of brilliance, joyful exuberance as defenses against the choking discriminations and necessary discretions displayed in the straight world.

Eventually I learnt to think outside of this manichean, binary views of not so opposite worlds. All that glitter is not queer. There are inner queer struggles: gender issues and fluidity, transphobia, internalized misogyny and racism, bi-erasure, so many shades within as well. Identities, loves, orientations are constantly fluctuating and endlessly evolving, and so are we.

There is still a long way to go – meanwhile, we are still shining fairies in the shadows, trying our best to reconcile often-conflicted halves and selves.


Photographer: Dwam Ipomee @ninahoppas
Model: Nina Hoppas @dwamdwamdwam

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