History of Art


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When the Covid-19 hit, artists had a call. Necessity Is the Mother of Invention, we say. I saw a lot of works in this period. Screenshot photos taken from webcam, or people in Skype or faceTime shooting the screen. I disliked everything. Yes, we, self-styled artists are bound to this “modus operandi”. But can’t we create something that least? This is what I want to do with this project. I want to create something that is beautiful and that want to narrate what we are living.


Photographer: Essequadro Artworks @essequadro_artworks
Model: Francesca Bile Nera @francesca.bilenera
Model: Aurora Mineo @auromineo
Model: Aja Jane @aja.jane
Model: Bby Dickcheney @bby.dickcheney
Model: Chiara Ghioni @itschiaraghioni
Model: Giuliana Currò
Model: Dalila Curcio
Model: Eir
Model: Jacopo Romagnoli
Model: Giulia Anemonima
Model: Jonarcissa @jonarcissa

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