INSURGENT by Anett Retes


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INSURGENT by Anett Retes

A rebellious, young individual person, who bravely undertake itself…

Coat: Reborn|Trouser: Galla
Vest: Galla
Vest – Yuuths
Coat: Reborn
Vest: Galla|Trouser: Yuuths
Vest: Yuuths|Trouser: Noen Design
Vest: Yuuths
Vest: Yuuths
Coat: Cavalli
Jumpsuit: Noen Design
Coat: Galla|Vest and trouser: Noen Design
Coat: Galla|Vest: Noen Design
Coat and bag: Galla|Vest and trouser: Noen Design
Vest: Yuuths|Trouser: Noen Design


Photographer: Anett Retes @retesanettworld
Wardrobe Stylist: Erika Csaba @Erikacsaba_makeup_and_style
Model: Levente Varga @leventevarga
Model agency: Wam models @wammodels

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