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Janine Ker is from California. She is an artist turned into hair stylist. Her buzzcuts are really outstanding artworks, able to create twisted geometries and balanced colors. We interviewed her, to know more about her story and inspiration.

Hi Janine, how are you? Was a great discovery for us to find your Instagram!

I am doing great, thanks for asking 🙂  Thank you for finding my work intriguing!

How was you artist career, and how did you turned into hair stylist?

Well, I would not call it a career as an artist, but I am simply a person who enjoys creating!

Most of the time it was for myself but I was included in a few group art shows here and there!  I always had a knack for art, but it wasn’t until my high school teacher extracted the actual skill out of me, when I took his class at age 16.

I began painting more actively at 26 and spent 5 years teaching artists with disabilities how to enhance their art making processes. When I was 17 I wanted to go to Cosmetology school but could not afford it so I went into the work world.

A few years later I discovered a passion for Human Services and spent 11 years working with various populations of people in need. At about age 31, I found myself burnt out and wanted to try something more light hearted that combined my love for working with people and using my hands to create… so I decided to pursue my first dream after all.  I’m 9 years in now 🙂

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Your works are really strong, not the usual haircut you take at a salon.. 🙂 it’s easy for you to find volunteers for your cuts?

At first, they were mostly volunteers because the visions I had to work with short hair were very unusual.  I had to hunt down female models and start with them using facebook and instagram. I created good relationships with my models as they returned for more. But 2019 was an explosive year for me when I started getting multiple clients that wanted these services, expecially men.  Even J Balvin!  I loved that.  It’s exciting to see colorful buzzcuts actually become a trend.

Which is your main source of inspiration?

My main source of inspiration is my experience and memory… I love to be inspired by things that actually mean something to me… a favorite blouse, a nostalgic color scheme, music I grew up with.  That combined with my love for alternative fashion, is what sparked my creativity with colorful buzzcuts in particular.

What are your plans for the future?

I am currently 3 months in my own hair studio space (salon suite) and I am loving being immersed in surroundings that inspire me.  Again, looking within, I am reevaluating my current career practices, and looking for an evolution that is true to me.  I am diving into my memory and personal experience again and I am excited to see where it takes me!  Stay tuned!


Hair Styling: Janine Ker @janine_ker_hair

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