Klara Landrat


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Klara Landrat

Klara is an actess, model, photographer and director. Let’s discover this beautiful and talented woman.

Hi Klara, where are you born and where do you live now?

I’m an American- Israeli. I was born in Warsaw, Poland and grew up in North Africa and New York City. I currently live in London and Tel Aviv, Israel.

How did you start acting? Talk about your experience

I was chosen at an early age to do a BBC “Sand Fairy” and to do the film’s voice-over. From an early age I loved performing. I had a belief I had something to tell… In fact poetry recitations when I was little was what did quite a lot. Later on I studied acting when we all moved to New York and graduated. About that time I got my first part in “Zoolander” and worked with Ben Stiller. Since I have done a few film projects and one being released this year in France, called “Chronologia Human” dir. E. Blanc and with great cast; Mikael Buxton, Ana Ayora, Christelle Halil. There is also a couple of projects in development.

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Do you prefer acting or modeling? What are the differences in these two industries in your opinion?

I think both are intertwined. To be a great model you need to be an actor. As an actor you have to go barren, naked in public, unhinged, be connected with the core of who you really are, yet at the same time be someone else. You have to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances. And from that respect modelling is very much the same. I love them both for different reasons. In my life they have certainly converged paths.

What is your greatest strength, as a woman?

I believe it’s the ability to dream. It is by far the greatest strength one might posses.

What are your goals for the future?

To continue to do what I’m doing. To be able to choose roles that are both different and challenging. i would love to explore the idea of womanhood, its tangible nuances, fluctuations… I also would like to create a creative platform for women creatives: directors, writers, script writers, photographers, art directors, actresses, artists who need to voice their opinions, make things happen.

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