Lost by Inna Mosina

Lost by Inna Mosina

For a long time I wasn’t interested in fashion. On my photo or video shoot I used neutral clothes what wouldn’t be distraction thing from the idea or the person. I’d considered the fashion boring and meanless, I thought the clothes couldn’t change the world. But I was really mistaken. I was smitten when I had opened new world. I had made a decision no matter how I would make shot for brands I admire. I live in Russia, in a small town on the Volga river, there where is no access to interesting clothes for me. But the lack of inspirational things is only an excuse and a voluntary rejection of the dream of shooting fashion. I had created my own experimental clothes line used available means.

For a long time I felt emotional pressure, I really wanted to show my previous works to the world, that from my unfulfilled expectations I almost lost my vital energy, ceasing to focus on the work I do. And I had a night dream. At first I was captured by the raging ocean, we fought with it for a long time, then in the final it literally threw me on the shore. It was a wonderful feel of the freedom, I still felt tired, but absolutely free, that all wasn’t meanless, it was an amazing feeling.

About the clothes.
In the foundation of this collection stand symbols that I had bring from my own childhood. Spice Girls was my favorite group in the past, I imaginated some part of tattoo favorite Melanie Si.
The symbolic image of Jesus on a sweatshirt (I did not mean Jesus in the literal sense of the word, rather, it is a metaphor – a collective image of a humble martyr, so the inscription around his head: “this is not Jesus.” Flared jeans were also my favorite clothes in the school.
I mixed all of this into a single project, where fashion, photography, childhood, creation and freedom merged into the one.


Creative Director / Videographer / Fashion Designer / Photographer: Inna Mosina @inna_mosina_arts
Model: Anastasia Ochneva @fojjmen
Model: Valeria Ilyasova @lera.calder
Fashion Designer: Kaya Sokolova @kaia.sokolova
Model: Polina Yaschenko @a.ppolina
Assistant: Andrey Romanov @romanov.sun

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