Saikhantsetseg Tserendorj


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Saikhantsetseg Tserendorj is a fashion designer and fashion illustrator from Mongolia. She is currently living in New York.  She came to the USA after high school to study Fashion design. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with an Associate in Fashion Design and a Bachelors in Technical Design.

Saikhantsetseg has loved drawing ever since she was a child, drawing on and off until she enrolled in highschool which was art concentrated. During highschool, she realized she loved drawing people and fashion more than still objects and landscapes. She has intriguing style of sketching.

Her fashion sketches which she calls “Scribbles” are done with free hand and they have so much character and uniqueness in them. Saikhantsetseg describes her style as free and one of a kind. Her favorite mediums are pen, markers and watercolor. You can find more of her work @inkfizz on Instagram.


Fashion illustrator: Saikhantsetseg Tserendorj @inkfizz

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