Scraped Out Of The Granite by Mark Symkin


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Scraped Out Of The Granite by Mark Symkin

Inspired by works of Michelangelo, “vital-ism” of his sculpture (dynamic and “alive”). Eco-friendly clothes were reused as part of artistic canvases after the shoot.
The team does not want to stick with classical sex role models, so we would like to consider our selves non-binary and multicultural team of young activists.
The team members are parts of the multi-cultural Ukrainian Community, and all participate in cultural and/or national minority groups.
The full name of the project is “Те Що Вибито з Граніту/ Scraped Out Of The Granite / كشط من الجرانيت/
מועתק מתוך השחם /
( Ukrainian/ English/ Arabic/ Hebrew)

IPhone 8,(backstage)


Photographer: Mark Symkin @symkinmark_
Model, Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist: Magomedova Vitalina Mauj "Fitzpleasure" @_fitzpleasure
Model: Den Piltiy "Lunar Moron" @lunar_moron
Assistant: Maria "Lis" @msh_ls

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