To the Stars


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To the Stars by Vlada Ivanova

Inspired with the idea of retro-futurism, which one way or another lives in each of us. Came from our parents, grandparents, great-grandmothers it left an imprint in the history of culture. Space always attracted mankind, but this interest was particularly strong, perhaps, in the period of its development. Each new knowledge and discovery were reflected in almost any creative industry – especially in the fashion industry. The main task of our creative team was the desire to revive the spirit and aesthetics of the most vivid and epic periods of futurism, filled with both sexuality, purity and charisma.


Wardrobe Stylist, Photographer: Vlada Ivanova @defleppardd
Model: Asel Habibi @abylcasen
Model: Katarina Nagaeva @classywondergirl
Wardrobe Stylist, Model: Igor Gareev @igor.garey
Makeup Artist: Mila Kulikova @milamila.k
Model: Yegor Gavrin @yegorgavrin
Model: Yaroslav Kucherov @kucherov_yaroslav
Hair Stylist: Alexandra Dubrovina @aleksandra.volos

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