Vintage Superheroes by Rebeka Vodrazkova

Vintage Superheroes by Rebeka Vodrazkova

In the world full of pollution and price driven self-image, second-hand clothes are soon to become the only option, since we are running out of resources and land to dispose all of the untrendy or unneeded fashion garments. This
unique editorial presents how nonmodels can absolutely rock and roll when wearing vintage clothes, presenting different characters and actual attitudes behind the clothes since all pieces were selected based on sp​ecific model’s unique personality.

Vintage superheroes is a project aiming to reveal the beauty of second-hand randomness, and the actual fact that trends rotate, so why not to buy – the original style. A lazy way to be a bit more sustainable is always a good idea. Vintage superheroes are teaching you exactly that – live slower, live longer, enjoy the hunt for unique vintage garments. It’s being more and more recognized that linear economy produces and throws out, leaving big bear
footprints and wicked problems, so don’t be a wicked witch, be a sustainable fairy. It’s all about being circular, “what goes around, come around” never sounded so good before, and let’s be honest if a vintage biker jacket lasted a century it has to be pretty good quality. So do what the superheroes do – change, swap, resell, rebuy, recycle, upcycle and repeat!

Wasteland Vintage


Model: Fanni Kertesz
Model: Kertu Ruutma
Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Egle Kaunaite
Wardrobe Stylist/Creative Director: Iveta Jonikaite
Model: Eduards Birznieks
Model: Natalia Ancinova
Model: Ringolds Svitins
Model: Deivids Intovics
Photographer: Rebeka Vodrazkova
Introduction text: Iveta Jonikaite

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